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Grow or get eaten in this unusual physics based game

Osmos is a rather strange game that takes elements of physics, elegant, dreamlike visuals and a minimalist electronic soundtrack to produce a rather surreal game.

The objective in Osmos is to grow by absorbing other "motes". You propel yourself by ejecting matter behind you but you must be careful because ejecting matter also shrinks you. The game progresses from serenely ambient levels into varied and more challenging worlds where you confront attractors, "repulsors" and "intelligent motes" with similar abilities and goals to you.

The overall effect is like flying around in some kind of giant bacteria swallowing other bacteria and growing as you go along. There are many levels to challenge you and it's quite soothing just navigating it through space with your mouse although it can be a bit tedious after a while. With nothing to do but just grow and grow, and challenged continually by the similar obstacles, the game lacks a little variation. However, Osmos is beautifully put together with a hypnotic soundtrack that will certainly absorb you for a while

Osmos is an unusual idea and an interesting concept although you may grow quite weary of it after a while.


  • Interesting concept
  • Quite soothing to play
  • Hypnotic soundtrack


  • Gameplay can be repetitive


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Osmos 1.6.0 for PC


User reviews about Osmos

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    frustrating and no real skills required.
    all you do is restart the game until you a get favorable start and then you just win by More

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